The Mission

Culture Trucking. 

North-East Tour 2021. 

23rd of July until 28th of August

A virus has changed the world as we know it, and our cultural cosmos has been put on pause. But has it?

7 cities. 6 countries. Culture Trucking. We are making culture discoverable even during a pandemic and are taking you on a journey with us. A 40-ton truck will start in Germany to tour the Baltics and Scandinavia for a month as a mobile streaming platform to connect with creative professionals and their cultural cosmos. Our broadcasting channel - Culture Trucking TV - will accompany us the whole time making the tour content available for you online.

Culture Trucking enables local culture to showcase itself without being limited to a single location. Via CT-TV you can join us on the road, even if the pandemic physically prevents you from doing so.

We’ve handled the pandemic in many creative ways, and though it looks different place to place, we want to emphasize some similarities. We hope to show a bigger picture of how the cultural arts can continue to thrive in our new normal, and to present a snapshot of specifically the electronic music and art subculture in Europe.

We need culture & culture needs us.

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Culture Beyond Borders

The Tour

A truck transformed into a light art installation, a place for panels, performances, workshops, exhibitions and a club for streaming music. One month on the road with stops in Cologne, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. 

Accompanied by a film crew, we want to capture the pulse of our network and make it available to everybody staying at home. We’ll broadcast daily programming on our website. We’ll visit our international community, see how things are looking these days, and check out what they’re working on. Cooperating with our local befriended crews, we’ll host interviews, discussions, and all kind of art related content trying to draw a picture of the local scenes. Everything of course streamed live from the truck stage.

Cologne, Germany
July 23rd / 24th
Freunde legen auf

Berlin, Germany
July 29th/30th 

Świdwin, Poland
August 5th – 9th 
Follow the step
Summer Contrast Festival

Riga, Latvia
August 11th -13th 
Kaņepes Kultūras centrs

Tallinn, Estonia
August 14th/15th

The Traveling Hedgehog
I Land Sound Festival

Stockholm, Sweden
August 20th/21st 
DIA & Lilla Bali - secret location

Copenhagen, Denmark
August 26th/ 27th 

40 Tons Of Art & Spirit

The Truck

In each destination, the truck will shine as a work of art in itself, with a newly built stage and street art painted on the exterior. We’ll be bringing laser beamers for mapping out our surroundings, and creating space for art, networking, and production. Complex sound and light installations will turn the truck into a holistic art experience.